Happy Places

They call it Green Lake because it’s green, silly.
Sometimes, at the crack of dawn, I come to this dock with my paddleboard and get on the water. It takes fifteen minutes to get out of bed and onto the water. It is often a mirror at that time of day, still, peaceful, with an eerie mist that rises off the glass of a lake. The sun only just starts to make its appearance above that middle peak, and it feels like I am the only one in the world who is awake. I am mindful of my paddle strokes then, dipping the blade to only break the surface tension, propel me forward, leaving little ripples in my wake. It is a peace that I can’t adequately describe or explain.

In the day, it is more chaotic. There are more paddlers, the occasional motor boat, or canoe. The people who live in the properties around the lake are out sunbathing, cooking, or having coffee. Tourists splash around, and little mini-drunken dock parties dot the shore.

This day, a mid-week day, I brought the kids and hubs to this dock after camps and work and chaos. It was surprisingly quiet, and the hubs put his sprained, swollen ankle into the glacial water. We are quiet, looking out to the water and mountains, feeling small and lucky, and feeling small and lucky together. These are my favourite humans in the whole wide world. I ought to add that I know an awful lot of amazing humans.
Oh, and I live here. Yes, all the time.
There art thou happy.

Then, there are the trails I’ve oft heard about but have not yet ridden. On this was a stunning feature of a rock that spans three or four storeys in elevation. It’s beautiful, and a test of resolve, confidence, and brake control. This photo was taken partway down, and peering over the edge gets the heart pumping. Naturally, one must attempt to ride a bicycle down it, because there isn’t really any other way to get down it, and a bicycle is probably the fastest and safest way through, strangely enough. So adrenaline, a test of focus and skill, and a spectacular view.
There art thou happy.

Now, if only my post-viral physical self would cooperate, regain its strength and energy, and function on all cylinders again. I’m so tired of being tired.

5 thoughts on “Happy Places

      1. Hopefully he’s made up a cool backstory regarding his condition.

        I remember being on crutches with a compound fracture… back in nam… it was the worst.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. haha, the only embellishment he’s made is that he fell down a whole flight of stairs, when he really just stepped off one and sprained his ankle…
        I feel like there should have been sharks in the story.


      3. Sharks with friggen laser beams on the friggen foreheads.

        Ha ha. Yeah… embellishment… it’s hardwired into our chromosome.

        Liked by 1 person

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